Update 2015

Lineup Changes

The band took a hit in 2014 when Jonesy broke the news that he means to head west and beyond. But we are still at it. I have been doing solo gigs at The Crown and Beaver and haunting my usual hangouts Cecil’s and The Raven and Republic. Not all the gigs have been getting posted.

New Material

A lot of new songs have begun taking shape over the last year. Many of them presumed to be written and then worked on again after a few performances. Which is a new process.

Seeking Percussionist/Harmony Player
We’ve got some regular gigs going in North Bay and we’re still shopping for musicians. If you can add something good to our sound, like a fiddle, piano or percussion instrument we want to hear from you. Use the contact page. In the meantime we’ve got some help lined up.

Show Swaps

We’ve got gigs booked throughout 2015 and want to share them with our fellow Ontario bands. Lets scratch each other’s backs and work out an arrangement to play in each other’s city. 2 shows and each of us gets to play in a new market. Sound good? Hit up the old contact page.


In the past few months (before and after Jonesy had to split) we made our way back to Sudbury and Barrie. We played with some great bands and hosted a bunch of shows at The Raven. This early spring we’ll be doing some more out of town stuff. March 22nd we’ll be in Toronto for soundtrack to the city.

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