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  • Ma & Pa – Fishbone Cover

    Here is me on the Youtube doing a Fishbone song. Ever since that Weekend At Fatty’s live stream I have been listening to them nonstop. What a blast!

  • Ryan Problems Performs Leroy Brown (Jim Croce Cover)

    Here is me and the Solutions band doing a Jim Croce cover. Most of gigs for this year have been cancelled and the rest probably will be too so we’re naturally posting more Youtube videos. Check out the channel. Be our friend and subscribe. Thumbs up are cool too. They all help to numb the pain. Thanks for watching.

  • Quarantine Streaming

    I did a Facebook Live stream and it turned out really positive. It was nice being able to read people’s messages while I played. I have gotten a few messages about the stream and I realized this is a good time to try to make people happy. I plan on doing at least one more stream soon.

  • Happy Shadfly Season in North Bay

    What a week to have 4 outdoor shows booked. But we still love it. This week we’ve got Cecil’s, St. Louis Bar and Grill, The North Bay Farmers Markets, Fish Bay Marina as well as a private gig on Canada Day. Visit the events page for more.

    Check out “Last Night” by Ryan Problems and The Solutions

  • Silver Beach Sessions

    Silver Beach Sessions

    In February we went to James Ahola’s studio to record a whole bunch of songs live off the floor. We did some old songs, some new songs and a few covers just for fun. I got Travis from Weekday Cocktails Films to film the whole night. Each Sunday for the next month I’ll be posting one of the videos created from that night.

    Olympia – Rancid Cover – The first song from our Silver Beach sessions is a song from the first punk album that I ever owned. Its’ a pretty weird story how I even ended up with it.

    Boys Of Summer – Don Henley I figured this song out randomly between takes when Fav and I were recording Please Stop Cryin’. I guess that meant we had to learn it as a band.

    You Can’t Do That – The Beatles Every time I think of this song it reminds me of riding in my pal Ruggy’s little car. What a great tune. We did the best we could to do it justice.

    Badly Bent – The Tractors This Tractors song (as far as I know) is a spin on an much older folk tune with very similar lyrics. I always liked the Tractors version.

    I Know The Feeling, Last Night We wanted to record new versions of a couple songs from Please Stop Cryin’ with the new lineup.

    This post will be updated with new videos each week.