100 Georges w/ Wax Mannequin and Faraway Neighbors

On July 13th Mike and I played a show at 100 Georges with the Faraway Neighbors opening for Hamilton Ontario’s Wax Mannequin. Wax put on an amazing show bursting at the seams with energy. Accompanied by what I can only assume was a record player and possibly looping devices he held the crowd’s attention and kept everyone dancing from start to finish.

The Faraway Neighbors were a great band to chill to. I had been missing out on these three multi-talented musicians up until now. They had highly instrumental and thoughtful grooves with a very spacy sound. It is really fantastic that the George is starting to open up to the idea of hosting up and coming local talent.

We had so much sharing the stage with these two awesome acts and, aside from a few botched harmonica solos, managed to hold our own and keep people smiling throughout our set.

Check out Wax Mannequin:

Check out the Faraway Neighbors:

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